The first game and smart toy controller
built into a phone case

hand on surface
Pressure-sensitive shoulder buttons
Press harder, punch harder
a rocket
Play dozens of popular games out of the box
central circle with another circle
Analogue joysticks
Tactile feedback puts you in control
patent schema
technology and design
Harvests its energy through NFC using power-efficient components
Communicates with phone wirelessly through NFC
a compas
Open to developers
Develop your own games and apps with Flitchio SDK and Unity plug-in

Featured games

Flitchio supports dozens of popular games, and we are constantly working to add more support! Check the complete list or get a sneak peek by selecting a game on the right.

Tailored for developers

Flitchio is a really exciting opportunity for game and app developers, you can use the Software Development Kit (SDK) to enhance the functionality of your existing apps.

Start exploring tactile feedback, pressure sensitivity and tangible control. You are free to imagine new use-cases that take advantage of Flitchio.

a plane with signal camera remote control a key media next tack icon arrows

There's a whole host of possibilities to be explored!